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CURR 102 Teaching English Language Learners

Ended May 31, 2024

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Full course description

This course ensures will have opportunities to acquire knowledge of linguistic development, first and second language acquisition, how home language literacy connects to second language development, learn from current research and practice how cognitive, pedagogical, and individual factors affect students’ language acquisition,  acquire skills for managing and organizing a classroom with first- and second-language learners, and acquire skills to collaborate with specialists and paraprofessionals. Candidates learn about state and federal legal requirements for the placement and instruction of English learners, and ethical obligations for teaching English learners. Candidates learn the purposes, goals, and content of the adopted instructional program for the effective teaching and support of English learners; and candidates understand the local and school organizational structures and resources designed to meet English learner students’ needs. Candidates understand and implement effective instructional practices for ELD and content instruction for English learners. This course ensures candidates acquire and demonstrate the ability to use initial, formative, and summative assessment information to develop effective instruction that promotes students’ access to and achievement in the academic content standards.