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CURR 202 The 21st Century Educator

Ended Oct 20, 2023

Full course description

In this course, candidates will be provided with a variety of research-based instructional strategies and best practices to build instructional capacity and maximize teaching efficacy. Candidates will focus on developing instructional strategies for teaching integrated lessons and using an interdisciplinary approach when teaching all students across various subject areas. Candidates will understand the basic structure of co-planning, co-teaching, and guided instruction and how to apply the instructional model to their teaching practice across all content areas. Candidates will understand key areas of professional responsibility, legal requirements, and ethical obligations for educators in regards to professional conduct and moral fitness, use of digital and social media, education rights of all stakeholders, privacy, health, and students safety. The teaching profession’s code of ethics and professional standards will be practiced. The context, structure, and history of public education in California will be covered and how it affects and influences governance and finance. Candidates will understand the importance of inquiry and reflective practice, and will develop a transition plan which will guide professional growth and development as candidates move from the preliminary teacher preparation program to Induction. Additionally, candidates will acquire skills in how to continue to develop as professional educators beyond their credentialing program.