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EDU 100 Classroom Management and Environment


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Full course description

In this course, candidates will be introduced to a variety of effective strategies, including methods for promoting positive behavioral and social skills for building constructive relationships between all students. Candidates will learn how to create a positive climate for learning in all educational settings. They will be able to establish and promote physically, socially and emotionally safe learning environments for all students by developing and maintaining clear expectations for academic and social behavior. Candidates will identify legal and ethical issues, including knowledge of Seth’s law (2012) and Individuals with Disabilities Act (2004), and how they relate to creating a safe and inclusive learning environment.  Candidates will learn how to build a sense of community; and promote student effort and engagement by creating structures that emphasize collaborative activities and joint problem-solving.  Candidates will learn how to write and implement a classroom management plan that is fair and transparent to students, and is aligned with students’ IEP/IFSP/transition plans and school discipline policies. They will learn strategies in establishing rapport with all students and their families for supporting academic and personal success through establishing a climate of caring, respect, and fairness.