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EDU 110 Pre-Service Reading and Language Arts

Time limit: 180 days

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Full course description

In this course, candidates will gain an introduction to the California English Language Arts Common Core State Standards and California English Language Arts Framework. Candidates will be given instruction in how to plan and deliver instruction of increasing complexity in reading, writing, speaking and listening utilizing accommodations and modifications, using differentiated, systematic and explicit instruction to ensure that students meet or exceed the standards. Candidates will be given instructional tools to create an environment rich in language, literacy and learning in which students learn to decode, comprehend, compose, analyze, communicate and appreciate language arts. Candidates will be given instruction in methods to design age-appropriate instruction based on their students’ academic needs as determined by their present levels of performance. Candidates will receive the teaching skills for reading and comprehending complex literary and informational texts; interpreting meaning; analyzing structure of texts; and evaluating perspective. Candidates will also receive teaching skills to help students produce argumentative, informative, and narrative text; implement the writing process; conduct research projects; and write for a range of tasks, purposes, and audiences.