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EDU 140 Pre-Service Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment


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Full course description

Candidates are introduced to instructional planning, teaching, assessing, and analyzing student work to guide instruction. Candidates will learn the purpose of on-going multiple and differentiated assessment options for formative and summative evaluations of individual and whole class learning. Candidates learn and practice developing the elements of effective lesson design (learning objectives, anticipatory set, instruction, progress monitoring, closure, and assessment) utilizing CA Academic Content Standards and CA Frameworks, such as the English Language Arts and English Language Development Framework. Candidates will learn how to utilize the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) at grade levels, and in service delivery models, of their credential assignment. Candidates will gain an understanding of how to monitor student progress and become familiar with a variety of assessment tools, including rubrics. Candidates will understand Issues of diversity and teaching English Learners and students with special needs are addressed as they relate to curriculum planning, instruction, and assessment practices. Candidates will receive instruction on delivering a comprehensive program of systematic instruction with accommodations and modifications in the academic subjects of their assignment based on their students’ Individualized Education Programs (IEP); Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP); or Individual Transition Plan (ITP).