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SPED 100 IEP and Transition Planning

Ended Dec 22, 2023

Full course description

This course prepares candidates in case management practices and strategies for students with disabilities and for those referred for special education services. This course  provides candidates opportunities to demonstrate the ability to participate effectively as a team member and/or case manager for the IFSP/IEP/transition planning process, from pre-referral interventions and requisite assessment processes, through planning specially-designed instruction to support access to the core curriculum, developing appropriate IFSP/IEP/transition planning goals based on standards and following all legal requirements of the IFSP/IEP/transition planning process.


This course provides opportunities for candidates to plan, implement, and evaluate transitional life experiences for students with disabilities. Each candidate collaborates with personnel from other educational and community agencies to plan for successful transitions by students. Each candidate demonstrates the knowledge and ability to teach students appropriate self-determination and expression skills.