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SPED 204 Creating Healthy Learning Environments: Movement, Mobility, Sensory, and Specialized Healthcare

Ended Nov 24, 2023

Full course description

This course ensures each candidate demonstrates knowledge of and ability to support the movement, mobility, sensory, and specialized health care needs required for students to participate fully in classrooms, schools, and the community. Candidates learn to use appropriate and safe techniques, procedures, materials, educational technology, assistive technology, and other adaptive equipment. Each candidate demonstrates knowledge of federal, state, and local policies related to specialized health care in educational settings. Candidates learn how personal, family, school, community and environmental factors are related to students’ academic, physical, emotional, cultural, and social well-being and the effects of student health and safety on learning and study the legal responsibilities of teachers related to student health and safety. This course provides professional development for candidates to understand and utilize universal precautions designed to protect the health and safety of the candidates themselves. By the end of the course, candidates are required to complete infant, child, and adult cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certification that meets the criteria of the American Heart Association or the American Red Cross; this requirement is met independently, outside of class time.